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Some random quotes, many of which I thought where pretty much completely and totally amazing. Oddly, many of them involve Nathan. Hehe.

All dialogue belongs to all the Heroes people, not me. Obviously.

"Can you be a little bit more specific?" says Nathan. "Twelve percent of the electorate strongly opposes me."

"Midland Hiro: Ando, I need your help.
Tokyo Hiro: I'm sorry, Ando is not here. This is Hiro Nakamura.
[hangs up abruptly]
Midland Hiro: Great Scott."

"(steps out of Nathan's limo)
Hiro: Vote Petrelli!"

"Nathan: What'd you say your name was?
Hiro: Hiro Nakamura.
Nathan: Where you from?
Hiro: Tokyo, Japan.
Nathan: Ah. Never been there."

"Oh," says Hiro [talking to Nathan in the diner]. "You fry! I see you! Whoooosh!"

[Hiro explains to Nathan about the bomb, then...]

Nathan: I can see where that might be a problem.
Hiro: Oh don't worry. I stop it. Am hero.
Nathan: Lucky us.

"Nathan, looking devilishly handsome in a tux with his tie undone, enters the cell with a grim look on his face."

Okay, actually that last quote's from the recap of the fourth episode, but it voices my opinion rather well, so I thought I'd just put it out there.

I got all the quotes from either recaps, or
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